What is best in music is not to be found in the notes.
– (Gustav Mahler)

  • “Ratsimar Musikverlag” is an independent publishing house founded in 2012, publishing a wide range of transcriptions for various kinds of string ensembles.

    Our transcriptions were created throughout decades of teaching and orchestral activities –  first of all moved by the desire to provide students and occasional musicians with interesting, yet technical easy pieces, and secondly, to offer professional string- and cello quartet players a repertoire of popular pieces that had been composed originally for different instrumentation.

    Whether you are professional or amateur, string- or cello quartet player, whether you are looking for your own playing or

  • for your students (e.g. for group lessons), you will find in our assortment a variety of easy or challenging transcriptions from popular classical works, well-known catchy tunes, folk dances and folk songs from Eastern Europe, Spain and Ireland, to Klezmer music.

    The Scores for Cello Quartet and Cello Ensemble have been transcribed by Sergio Drabkin, member and arranger of the internationally renowned Rastrelli Cello Quartet.

    All works can be previewed online.

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